Academic Human ResourcesUC ANR Academic Human Resources is the principal department for all academic personnel matters within UC ANR. Academic HR provides consulting services in applying academic personnel policies and procedures involving recruitment, temporary hires, advancement, compensation, visa/work eligibility and employee relations for academic appointees in UC ANR.
Business Operations Center (BOC)UC ANR Business Operations Center (BOC) provides comprehensive business, fiscal and payroll services to 80 programmatic and administrative service units in ANR including: UCCE county offices: account management, operational policy support, personnel funding and post-award grants management, financial transaction processing for purchasing activities and travel expense reporting, gift acceptance and cashiering actions. Administrative service units and statewide programs: same as above, but for statewide programs limited to transactional support. Payroll: policy interpretation, payroll calculations and disbursement, time reporting system support and UCPath payroll interface supporting all ANR employees.
Development ServicesUC ANR Development Services provides fundraising services and resources to support the research and extension mission of ANR. Development Services supports Cooperative Extension Advisors and Specialists, RECs, statewide programs, and various research initiatives. Development Services staff are available to provide best practices, tools and support for developing plans for projects that need funding, advice for working with donors, and development of giving day campaigns.
Facilities, Planning & Management (FPM)UC ANR Facilities Planning and Management (FPM) is responsible for the stewardship of ANR capital resources including planning, building and maintaining ANR’s physical infrastructure to University of California standards in support of ANR’s mission of research, teaching and public service. Any construction activity on ANR owned or leased property is required to comply with the UC's policies, building codes and regulations, the public contracts code, the California Environmental Quality Act and other regulations. FPM assures this compliance and is responsible to ensure buildings are safe, accessible and efficient to maintain and operate. FPM works with Resource Planning and Management, UC Capital Finance and ANR stakeholders to identify and deliver capital and deferred maintenance projects. FPM maintains records of the development and construction activity of ANR real property, and provides updates and reports to UC, ANR and other officials.
Financial ServicesUC ANR Financial Services provides the following services: Accounting General Ledger and Payroll Ledger management including Chart of Accounts maintenance, financial system user access, financial journal transactions for ANR assets, liability and interlocation transactions. Coordinates implementation of ANR and systemwide financial systems. Manages ANR cost accounting and ANR rates. Financial Audit and Compliance Services including financial policy review and interpretation, responding to audits, and ensuring ANR's compliance with University, State, and Federal financial policies. Financial Reporting including financial reports used by ANR leadership, Office of the President, Regents, and stakeholders including Federal, State, and other public and private granting agencies/sponsors.
Government and Community RelationsUC ANR Government and Community Relations provides support and training for all UC ANR employees on the topics of advocacy, effective communication, and relationship building with government officials in order to build awareness and support for UC ANR. Other functions include spearheading advocacy efforts and events and developing tours (in-person and virtual).
Information TechnologyUC ANR IT provides the support for UC ANR academics, staff and affiliates for information technology needs across the state. This includes hardware, software, and applications. Functions include system administration, IT service desk, IT, email, telecommunications, network, content management, applications development services. IT is also responsible for managing cyber security protection for ANR systems.
News & Information Outreach in Spanish (NOS)UC ANR News and Information Outreach in Spanish (NOS) within the Strategic Communications Unit is a team in Riverside which conducts outreach to the Latino community and other underserved communities and develops audio, video, graphical and written communications products in both English and Spanish.
Office of Contracts & Grants (OCG)UC ANR Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG) coordinates submission of proposals and acceptance of extramural contracts and grants with various Federal, State, Industry and Non-Profit sponsors on behalf of ANR Principal Investigators (PIs). This includes executing subawards and negotiating award terms and conditions with sponsors to ensure that academic freedom is preserved to allow unrestricted publication of research results. In addition, OCG provides Proposal Development Services targeting the development of interdisciplinary and strategic proposals consisting of large budgets and multi-institutional efforts. To assist with the success of obtaining funding for projects, OCG also offers educational opportunities for PIs to improve grant writing and proposal development skills.
Policies, Compliance & Programmatic Agreements (PCPA)UC ANR Policies, Compliance & Programmatic Agreements Unit (PCPA) within the Office of the Controller & Business Services is responsible for: memorandum of understanding, county CE support agreements, licenses, leases, no-cost contracts, hotel, agricultural by-product agreements, California Public Records Act, California Information Practices Act, California Political Reform Act, Records Management, Conflict of Interest matters, Delegations of Authority and Privacy. PCPA monitors mandatory training and compliance matters, coordinates the Child Abuse Neglect Reporting Act, processes subpoenas, analyzes legal and policy issues, and coordinates whistleblower reports. PCPA is also responsible for UC and ANR policy compliance, policy guidance to ANR employees, and new ANR policy development.
Program Support UnitUC ANR Program Support Unit (PSU) is the event planning unit. PSU provides a full suite of event planning options, consultation, coordination and support. PSU also manages the ANR conference rooms in the Davis building.
PublishingUC ANR Publishing is responsible for the editing and graphic design of peer-reviewed materials produced by UC academics, UCCE personnel, and others. These publications are intended to benefit stakeholders in California’s agriculture, natural resources, youth development and community nutrition sectors as well as the wider California population. Some publications appear in printed form and others appear online. Many are available under an Open Access license, ensuring that UC research directly supports the communities it serves. Publications include single-page fact sheets, manuals covering all aspects of crop management, the California Master Gardener Handbook, and California Agriculture, the division’s flagship journal.
Research & Extension Centers OperationsUC ANR Research & Extension Centers Operations within the SWPR unit manages the budget, financial, personnel, programmatic and administrative operations supporting 9 Research and Extension Centers throughout the state. This unit also supports the CE Advisors and Specialists assigned to the RECs.
Resource Planning & ManagementUC ANR Resource Planning & Management (RPM), as a key resource advisor to UC ANR leadership, is responsible for three functional areas: Budget Operations; Reporting & Analysis; and Capital Planning. Budget Operations: funds management, staffing reconciliation and staffing reporting, costing analysis for personnel actions, position control/hiring freeze, manage commitment list, budget transactions, AREERA plan and implementation, budget portion of fiscal close, and COVID-19 expense reporting. Reporting & Analysis: annual budget call; deficit management reporting, executive and external reporting, county fund source report, strategic plan financials, rate & recharge, budget letters & schedules. Capital Planning: sustainability reporting, capital planning, capital financial plan, capital reporting, capital notification letters and coordination with UCOP and UCD.
Risk & Safety ServicesUC ANR Risk & Safety Services provides support and resources for all ANR personnel and programs to identify and mitigate risks, prevent injuries or property damage, prepare for emergencies, and comply with environmental, health, and safety regulations. Major functions include: risk assessment, review of facility use agreements, insurance services, incident reporting, insurance claims management, background checks, injury investigation and prevention, training, worksite inspections, OSHA compliance, environmental protection, emergency preparation, response, and recovery.
Staff Human ResourcesUC ANR Staff Human Resources focuses on providing the UC ANR community support, consulting, and coordination in the areas of staff classification, compensation, recruitment, employment, employee and labor relations, leaves, performance management, staff employee development, and interpretation of UC system-wide personnel policies and collective bargaining agreements, and training.
Statewide Programs OperationsUC ANR Statewide Programs Operations (SWPR) manages the budget, financial, personnel, programmatic and administrative operations supporting ANR senior leadership, 13 Statewide Programs and Institutes plus Strategic Initiatives, Program Teams and Workgroups, Academic Assembly Council, Endowed Chairs, Program Support Unit, Strategic Communications, Program, Planning and Evaluation, Resource, Planning and Management, and Government and Community Relations. This unit also coordinates all ANR Leadership funding (Vice President, 2 Associate Vice Presidents, and 3 Vice Provosts) and ANR Internal Grants and Awards. In addition, eight ANR systemwide CE Specialists are served by this unit. SWPR also manages the front desk operations at the ANR 2nd Street Building in Davis.
Strategic CommunicationsUC ANR Strategic Communications supports UC ANR employees in telling the ANR story, promotes the impact of ANR work with key audiences including the media and elected officials, helps extend research-based information to our target audiences, and is responsible for core internal and external communications platforms such as ANR Update, the Connected newsletter, the ANR employee newsletter and a number of UC ANR websites such as the home page and the News page.